Frequently Asked Questions

How does it work?

PrintGateway gives you your own online shop without the headaches. All you need do is sit back and let the UK's leading print provider take the strain while you bank the profits.

PrintGateway lets you personalise and brand your own transactional website while our leading web technology deals with the whole process from orders, payment, printing and dispatch direct to your customer under plain cover. You’re kept informed and in control through the whole process with ourreal-time reporting.

And, because we handle the payment and ordering process through our PCI compliant secure connection, you don't need a costly merchant account or a secured checkout. Take a look at the overheads you'll be saving:


What are the costs involved in setting up and running?

There is NO initial set up cost - only your time spent creating the site from our easy to use templates. Your only cost will be a small monthly fee starting from just £9.99. We feel this is important as it not only makes us accountable to you, it also contributes to exciting future developments.

By registering your early interest you will have the opportunity to take advantage of any launch offers we may run.

How will I receive my profits?

Your reseller margin profits will be paid directly into your account at the end of every month; or, if you choose premium or enterprise packages, you can choose to receive your profits daily, weekly or monthly.

Can I upgrade my package?

Yes. You can upgrade your package at any time. Here are the different features for each package.

Will there be an option to add my own products?

In the first place, the platform will give you the opportunity to sell the products we offer online - opening up a bigger target audience for you and therefore growing your business.

In the next phase you will have the ability to create new products we don't currently offer and send the order to your own production facility.

Of course, what you choose to sell is up to you. You decide which of our products you wish to include on your site.

Can the online ordering system be integrated with my current website?

With a simple change to your domain settings, your website can be driven by the PrintGateway Reseller platform. Alternatively, you can keep the two separate; by having the store at or You can then link your site to that address. The choice is yours.

I currently sell online, can I personalise my PrintGateway site so it looks like my current site?

There will be a collection of templates and styles available to choose from. You can then customise your site with your own colours, branding, and logo etc. to mirror your current site.

Can I use my PrintGateway Dashboard on the go?

Yes. You can access your Dashboard with your password and ID on smartphones and tablets as well as on your home or office PC or Mac.

Will PrintGateway work on an iPhone?

Yes. All PrintGateway templates are fully mobile and tablet compatible.

Do I have full control over my selling price?

Yes - we wouldn't presume to tell you what prices to sell at! Your cost price will be our great trade prices and, using the easy to use PrintGateway dashboard, you can change prices on an individual, product or global basis. Simply add a percentage or a set amount to the cost price. You can even mark up or mark down your retail price - if you want to have a flash sale for example.

Can I manage my own SEO?

Yes, we positively encourage this to get the best out of your new online shop. We've built an SEO editor into the system to make this easy for you to control. With the reduced administration time created by not having to place orders yourself, you'll have more time to concentrate on your marketing.